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50 Shades books

Postby dnkoa » Sun May 27, 2012 9:30 pm

I haven't read them, and wouldn't pay to buy one, but sheesh they sound offensively sexist and offensive on the description, and yet they're a huge hit with middle aged women. Basically hardcore porn Twilight without the vampires.

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Re: 50 Shades books

Postby Marie » Mon May 28, 2012 3:01 am

I went to Barnes & Noble to get an idea of the plot. A young college student becomes involved with a magnetic prof who asks her to agree to explore every avenue of sexual desire and she can't say no. (Let me guess: this leads to levels of degradation neither she -- nor, presumably, the reader -- ever imagined.)

Just on that information, I'd say the author would have to be one whale of a writer to squeeze anything new out of that old chestnut. How often has it been done, both in books and on the screen?

Kcent-tv says it's flying off the shelves in central Texas. Women in Killeen are driving as far away as Waco to score a copy; should we take that as a recommendation? Another thought comes to mind: if these women are really curious and have access to the Internet, they can find websites where all those "practices" not only are described but performed. For free, without ever leaving home! (Unsuspecting Texas husband, arriving home from work: "You want to try WHAT, darlin'?" :-s )

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