Giant hogweed, or "horror plant" - not an exaggeration

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Giant hogweed, or "horror plant" - not an exaggeration

Postby Marie » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:18 am

Imagine Queen Anne's lace -- but it's over 6 feet tall.

Sound like something out of Alice in Wonderland?
No, it's giant hogweed, the latest in dangerous vegetation.


Giant hogweed is a real nasty plant native to Russia & neighboring countries that was brought to the west by Victorians who thought is was cool b/c it was so amazingly statuesque. But like many other "decorative plants" that were not originally from your region, giant hogweed has become invasive and is seriously harming people unfamiliar with the plant and its painful effects.

We're not talking about something like a bad poison ivy rash -- we're talking about a chemical that destroys the protectiveness of melanin in your skin, causing you to be hospitalized for serious burns and afterwards to be scarred, and be sun-sensitive for as long as 7 years after exposure to the plant's virulent substance. Getting it in your eyes can cause blindness.

Recently arrived in N. American, giant hogweed showed up first in Canada and is currently making its way down the east coast in the U.S., reaching Virginia so far.

If you see it -- even as a young plant -- avoid it, keep your kids and pets away from it, and call an expert to remove it or advise you how to get rid of it safely.

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