Blogging Countdown 1/2 #1: New Year, Same Thing

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Blogging Countdown 1/2 #1: New Year, Same Thing

Postby Trekkie » Wed Jan 02, 2008 5:03 pm

Keith Olbermann wrote:A personal admission to make tonight. I‘ve always found the word “caucus” faintly obscene, particularly the verb form “to caucus.” On that note, never mind the big three among the Democrats in Iowa, in our number one story on the COUNTDOWN, how about the big three among the Hollywood icky girls set—Britney Spears caucusing with the paparazzo in her hotel room? Lindsay Lohan reportedly caucusing with three different men in 24 hours? And Paris Hilton caucusing with, first, Kevin Federline and, then, Larry Birkhead.

Start Saturday evening at a Las Vegas nightclub, Hilton bumping into Britney Spears‘ ex, Mr. Federline. The two conversed. Boy, that must have been a scintillating conversation. According to “Access Hollywood”, they shared a laugh and Hilton kissed Federline on the cheek. Later that same evening, K-Fed stopped by Hilton‘s hotel room to hang out, according to “People” magazine. And, on Sunday night, Hilton and Federline were spotted at a different Las Vegas club, downing a shot of tequila. Just the one? The very next night, Miss Hilton candid with Larry Birkhead, according to various reports, ringing in the new year at—where else—some Las Vegas nightclub.

Meantime, Ms. Spears was courting her own brand new hang-around, inviting a parazzo whom she had befriended to spend time with her children and their court-appointed monitor on the first evening of 2008 -- that according to “OK!” magazine.

Not to be forgotten, Lindsay Lohan who reportedly smooched, kissed three different men in Capri, Italy, in the course of 24 hours, one of them a waiter, garron.

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