MSNBC's Joy Reid finds Trump ghostwriter doesn't exist

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MSNBC's Joy Reid finds Trump ghostwriter doesn't exist

Postby Marie » Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:36 pm

Twitter suspends account of Melania Trump speechwriter Meredith McIver, who probably isn’t a real person
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DAYS AFTER MELANIA TRUMP gave a Republican National Convention speech which was plagiarized from an eight year old Michelle Obama speech, the Trump Organization laid the blame on her longtime speechwriter Meredith McIver. The trouble: no such person appeared to exist. Various pages depicting her life were discovered to have only been created after she was assigned the blame for the plagiarism, including a Twitter account which she primarily used to keep insisting that she was in fact a real person. But it appears that Twitter’s management has ultimately reached the opposite conclusion, suspending the account in question.

The controversy began when MSNBC personality Joy-Ann Reid pointed out that there was almost no evidence to suggest that Meredith McIver was even a real person. =D>

This had come after Donald Trump had already been caught earlier in the election cycle having invented the fake personas of John Miller and John Barron, so the issue was a plausible one. Others dug deeper and learned that Donald Trump had credited McIver as a ghostwriter of some of his previous books while giving a legal deposition years earlier. But in each instance, McIver only seemed to exist in the words of Donald Trump. Sure enough, Trump had his campaign release a statement supposedly from McIver in which she took the blame for the plagiarism incident, yet she never did surface of her own accord.

To this day, tabloid journalist and close Donald Trump confidant Piers Morgan is the only member of the media who claims to have ever had contact with her. Morgan’s tweets in her direction indicated that the @immeredithmciver account was indeed her. And yet that account has now been suspended by Twitter.

There are only two circumstances under which a Twitter account can be publicly labeled as “suspended.” One is if the user is engaging in harassing behavior, which seems unlikely considering the polite and carefully scripted nature of the tweets coming out of that account. The other is if Twitter determines that the account is a fake one. In other words, the supposed best evidence of Meredith McIver’s existence has just been officially branded a fake. ... son/25566/

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Re: MSNBC's Joy Reid finds Trump ghostwriter doesn't exist

Postby dejapig » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:37 am

:lol: The only thing "genuine" in Trump's whole mess of a campaign is his huge ego and his stupidity. Geez! A ghostwriter who is actually a ghost. :roll:
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